dman you ! 1 dot from any class with a dot kills me like 6x over so lame ;\ lol

cheers :p


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    good fight, Casters have too low hp, dots kick their ass
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  • Shamans need to be looked at. I know you are a great player nerf, and this isn't directed at you, but having your dots tick every second with your set gear bonus, having the reflect dmg buff, along with your disease and great heals makes a well played shaman too much to handle for most classes if played well. Honestly, they need to tone down the ticks on the dot's and they need to remove or seriously alter the reflect buff.
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    As you said “if played well” just because a few people play a class well that doesn’t mean it deserves a nerf. There’s currently like 3 people playing solo shamans and everything you mentioned with dots/reflect is nullified in a grp setting. Do they have a lot of utility? Absolutely. Does a ment? Yup. But where are the calls for a nerf on them or any other class that does well in the right hands?
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    nerf is a good player and deserves to win anyway, I just got no chance vs him and it makes me sad lol

    but even if I did he maybe would still win hes a good player so


    warlocks and shamans rip me tho, them dots fk me up lol
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  • See and that’s just it. Some classes struggle greatly vs certain classes just the way some classes are etc. now throw in who’s on those classes and now it might be impossible. Vamps and necros light me up usually. Mez and pet spammed by a theurg and anyone’s dead.
  • Oh, I'm not saying shamans don't have bad matchups. I'm just saying that I truly feel that the reflect damage spell is bogus. It's not easy to get around as many classes only have dps through mele and even those that do have ranged can't do so w/out MoC due to the dot's. Honestly, if they just changed that whole reflect dmg buff or even just toned it down or put a long reuse timer on it I would be fine w/ the class as a whole. Also, you don't need to tell me about Nerf. I have fought him many times and he is a VERY good player. I also agree that they are a tough class to "balance" since they are supposed to be a group class and how do you balance a "group" toon played solo? My main issue is the dmg reflect spell. No other realm has that and I personally know of a few guys who abused the crap out of this by camo'ing their shaman up on the roof at Moy and tossing reflect spells on their buddies. That spell needs to be seriously looked at.
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    As you said “if played well” just because a few people play a class well that doesn’t mean it deserves a nerf.

    For the record, I agree 100% with the logic behind this. I always hated when people would say class X needs a nerf because 1-2 people play it really well. That was not what I was getting at. I believe what a shaman has to offer along with the reflect buff it puts them over the top. Keep everything else the same, but they need to get rid of or modify that damn reflect spell. It's unfair. Sure, it doesn't effect much in group play, but in solo play its HUGE to have that spell. Try and cast or range them and they cast dot on your to perma rupt you or toss a super fast cast spell debuff on you(unless you got MoC), and if you get on them to mele they just toss that reflect spell on themselves.

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  • Give shamans a pet and then maybe they will be on par with vamps :open_mouth:
  • Yah, one of the things I enjoy about playing a ranger is that I don't have to face vamps, but vamps also need looked at.
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