Time has come

new patch was supposed to be before spring, now summer is almost over. name change was a big thing for me, i get it, its too hard, but the rest of the patch not being even close to on time.

time to move on.... peace.

/anon player
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  • Lack of communication is certainly frustrating. Never hurts to step away. Hopefully some positive changes are on the way.
  • Sorry to see you go.

    The numbers keep falling....
  • Jak wrote: »
    Sorry to see you go.

    The numbers keep falling....

    But it's summer and things and reasons and the suns in my eye and just wait and 2019 and things should get better and etc, etc.

    Another loss, #RIP

    I really hope BS' team stops screwing around with these year+ long patches and delays. Seriously start implementing updates bi-monthly, like 1 or 2 things a month, that has to be feasible in 2018.
  • The time has come to join the Albion Discord and punish Midgard !
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  • So .. someone who is Anon... needs a name change or he wont play. Is it just me or does everyone else feel like this isn't much of a loss really. Unless you bought some A-holes acct and are tired of others thinking you are him. I guess another player gone still hurts.
  • Honestly, I'm ok with no updates in the summer. I love new content as much as the next guy, but play time in the summer is greatly reduced for me.

    They have shown some updates, maybe to little too late for some.

    I would have hoped for a month long Pendragon buy now however.
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