Returning player - how to make coin

Hey guys. Havent been around for a couple of years and that's why I'm a bit lost.

I originally played on Camlann and want to find my way back to Ywain, mainly focus on Hibernia for the now.
I read a couple of threads here and there and got some ideas of what one can do to make coin... but I lack the details.
About me: I got 2 accounts running: the first has a Vamp and Druid. The other has Ench, Eld, Menta, Bainshee, Animist, Bard, Druid, Ranger. (chars dont really matter as they are 50 so fast these days)
EU timezone

My goal is to temp a couple of my chars (and 3 friends) so I need lots of coin.

Anyway .. here is what I already know or read:

Spellcrafter (made a couple plat in the last few days)
DF and trinket (is this still a thing? Do the hibs have DF at times?)
Aurulit. It did change at some point and is now a good thing, right? Where can I get it?
Otherworldly stuff - It seems there is a questchain (raid?) to get this. (gotta check this out today, as there is a raid) is there stuff I can farm solo or in smallman?
doppelganger - these are rares in the pvp zones that can be farmed, right? is it worth to farm them?
There sure are things I missed and I would be glad if you enlighten me :smile:

Could you list some spots which I can do solo (chars above) and in a 5man and maybe rank them by profit? :wink:

so long...


  • I made a ton of plat making legendary weapons in mid. Probably at least 3 mith or so total over the last year. Although with population on the decline, business has been awfully slow
  • Previously the most efficient way to earn plat, if you had the time, is running the OW and Curse PvE raids and selling the items you don't need.

    Most of the top tier items come through those raids and if you obtain armor pieces that you don't need you can earn a plethora of plat fairly quickly.

    Outside of that spell crafting leggies is a great source of income as well.
  • Do spellcrafting sometimes people will pay you 5p to 10p per piece. Try keep your pricing open ended because people are generous. Alchemy, craft supremacy pots and celerity pots. Go farm the essences and make them into potions. Legendary weapons can be good.
  • dance for dolla's !
  • I recommend doing the raids on alts that you don't intend to template and selling the gear as a great way to earm some plat. You can also do lots of supply missions in frontiers. 440g per mission and if you build up a stock of shards you can sell items from there and make good plat. Alchemy amd SC'ing always are good crafts to earn plat as well.
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    Economy does not work so well in DAOC, price of items just seems to get higher ahd higher, even when the Merchants come every 6 months or so the top gear is around 50-100 pleats per item. Sadly items do win fights or atleast allow you to compete on a equal level. It is said a decent template is currently around 300-500 plats

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  • Thanks for the input everyone!

    Here's my observation over the last week:

    My problem with PVE raids is that they typically start when I'm asleep or at work. That's atleast true for those raids I know of. Where should I look for them? I just check the event calender here on this site and region chat mostly in TNN (cause my SC is parked there). Maybe it would be a good idea for me to join a (big) guild so I can get more information at times. Anyone has an idea about that ;) ? (I live in austria, EU)

    I tried the supply quest which gets me decent rewards overall (BP and CL XP) but it's a bit on the low side money wise.

    SC is a good way to earn fast money ... the problem is there are very few customers. I tend to leave the price open so customers can decide what its worth for them. nets 1-5p per item which is really nice for the effort put in.
    While waiting for customers I leveled up my alch to legendary but I have no clue which potions are in demand so not much profit from there right now.

    Salvage and trinketing was the most profitable so far as it is consistent and guaranteed money.

    All in all I got like 100p since I started playing again (about 2 weeks maybe?) it's decent but it took a lot of time (like all of the freetime I got). This isnt healthy for my rl situation for long and has to be improve! I'm happy for more imput :)

    So long....
  • @Ilumivari

    If you`re looking for a german speaking guild (hm..östereichisch geht gerade noch so durch), Hüter des Waldes ( Hero`s Guild), Suizid Kommando...just to name something. If language doesn`t matter maybe Solic`s guild?
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    @Ilumivari - the supply quests really only pay off huge when you get particular items from the shards. For Hib its the Ring of Granite and Arcane weapon shards that pull big money. Usually 40-60p for Ring of Granite and around 125-185p for the arcane weapon. It is not a system to get rich quick, but rather once you build up a good stockpile of shards then it starts to pay off.
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  • Yeah and those expensive ones hardly ever drop. I would constantly collect shards by doing dock quests and only got enough to make 2 arcane weapons and a few of the rings that sell for semi decent money. And that’s having run the quest 100’s of times. Enough to accumulate probably 700k bps in total.

    Best money for me is legendary weapons on mid like i said. Another good way was running sb through ch9/10 since sb sets were selling for a ton, but not so much anymore.
  • @BurkleyRIP I agree. It takes alot of missions or some luck, but the advantage is that while doing those you are still earning rp's as well as cash vs doing crafting or PvE to obtain cash.

    Honestly, a player should be doing all 3 to earn money. When you see raids going take alts in and sell the gear. Crafting is a great way to earn cash, whether its crafting weapons, sc'ing, or even alchemy. Then those missions come in handy when you are solo or duo amd just roaming around EV looking for action.
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