New 50. What am I missing?

I'm sure these returning player questions get old but I have to ask.
Anyways I went out to NF and got absolutely mauled on a couple of my 50s...
So being that I have low resources and the fact that I was getting downright starched to the point I felt as though I was missing something completely... I decided to roll a new toon and level from 1 and kind of re-learn.
Well, I am now 50 and started running driftwood quests and ATTEMPTING to kill doppelgangers before a R10 stealther murks me and I have to say... driftwood quests are TRASH compared to the old running supplies quests... no xp, only BPs and the scrolls for xp you can buy give terrible xp.
Is this just how level 50 is if you aren't guilded or grouped up now?
At the rate I'm going I'll maybe be CL 15 in a week or so if I don't just call it after being slaughtered with a 0 kill count repetitively... THEN I can start saving bps for my temp because no-one runs stuff anymore from what I've been told.
Am I missing something here or is this just how the BPs for everything system works now?

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    Welcome back and we all feel your pain. a few more notes:
    If you are a subbed account, make sure you use your buggane potion any time you do BP quests. At less than RR4 you will get a 75% bonus, up to 5L9.99, 50%, etc. This makes getting to R6 fairly easy (you can grind dopples if you need to.

    What it sounds like you really need though, is a higher end template. Run the Glass quests (keeping an eye on your bountypoints. you can only have up to 500,000- any more and you stop earning). So, if you get close, or before a raid, sell your BP's for item recipes you will need for gear. Curse Raids and Otherworld Raids are also good for three reasons, 1) you will get the items from doing the raids, 2) Start to finish on those you will probably get CL15, and 3) The BPS will allow you to craft even more things.

    Items you want will depend on your class and spec, but there are some basics to consider if you are running around by yourself regardless of class/spec. 1) 10% conversion (10% cap) negates 10% damage done, and heals your endurance and power instead. It's similar to having a tier 3 all resist with some extra perks. Curse sets, especially vests (Craftable) usually have 2-5% conversion. Amethyst or Citrine of the Harbinger (craftable) have 5%. Crocodile Tear Ring has 5%. Midsummer's Triumphant Wrap has 3% (craftable). Otherworldly belts have 3% (Craftable- but super easy to get in an OW raid).

    You also want a 10% melee use charge, 10m dur. This adds 10% tier melee resists. If you have 26+ slash, you will have 36. I like the OW belts because they also give stat caps and conversion, but to min-max some people use "Mighty or Adept Belt of the vigilant" (Both kinds are craftable). The two Sash's of the vigilant give 10% spell resists- secondary tier. Some class cloaks also give 12% melee resists but you will have to do the quest and level those. You can google "DAOC Class Loyalty cloak" if you want to see the website that has them listed.

    Cloaks often have good uses during a fight. Astral Cloak of Heroes gives a short term spell resist (secondary) buff, like fury. Some will demez (more group oriented) or short range aoe egg. If not loyalty cloak or something use specific, consider the Otherworldly Hardy cloak (craftable but again just do the quest/raid for these). The defensive proc is good vs dual wielders, or you can use the omni heal. Some of the OW Cloaks give a 2% primary stat and stat cap to all melee.

    Finally, Consider a tournament ring (not craftable), depending on your class. It may allow you to get away or reset a fight. Also consider an Otherworldly necklace as it will mez/stun block once. It's best against a caster trying to quickcast, but anything with an instant stun/mez (minstrel/skald) will just do it instantly again until it lands, and most primary mez classes tap it twice.

    Most classes can get 10% all spell resists (primary tier) as a Champ ability, if not you can use an 8% through a buff tokens.

    Discord will be a great place for advice, especially if you want to know what classes, end game, will do well solo. Good Luck.


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    Run the ToA quest line to cap CL15. Should give easily 200k+ BPs depending on RR if you run Buggane.


    Used to drop glass. Now gives BPs. Guide still applicable.

    Also, join to check for Curse/OW raids. They tend to be ran during the weekend.
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  • You can also buy mithril on the Origin website that allows you to buy stuff in game that helps you gain extra RP or BP by up to 50%. I think you can also buy ML 10 and CL 15 tokens but I can't remember, may be something to check out.
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  • I appreciate the replies. I come back every year or so to give the game a go and this run has been surprisingly difficult.
    I'm keeping at it bc I love the game but damn lol. Thanks again!
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