Returning to the game, need solo RvR suggestions

First off I've been out of the game since Mordred PvP server shut down. I've never done any REAL RvR "8v8" since I mostly ran around on my Vamp on Mordred and did the solo game like many others did. I've been 8v8ing some on Mid, I did the Caledonia event on Mid and we mostly roamed with an 8 man "for the most part" but to be honest I miss soloing.

I understand the Vamp class is not very respected hehe but I enjoyed my Vamp on Mordred and want to solo on it again on Ywain. The Vamp is only RR7L8 and I've tried soloing on it, but my template is hopelessly out dated so I am redoing its temp to an up to date template. Being perfectly honest, I have been out of the game for a long time, I've done pushed past that 50 mark IRL and it's rough soloing vs these insane high RR players out there.

Where can I go to run around as a solo and not run into these high pro level players so I can try to ease back into the solo game slowly? The Maze is a big no, I need to be able to run around where these pro players are camping, places I can find "normal" fights you know? Any suggestions?


  • EV would be your best bet but you gotta dodge 8 mans and smalls.
  • alot of times I will watch where the other realms are keep taking, try to roam in that general area for soloes trying to reach the BG but thats hit and miss.
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