Sick and tired of stuff not working in the game.

I am a new player who joined to play with my friend. He has played from the beginning of when the game came out, he is pissed as am I that stuff isn't being updated, or has incorrect information. IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAINTAIN THE GAME THEN MAINTAIN IT. The website for the class spells is completely wrong. Had to go to a 3rd party site for the current correct information which is pathetic and a disgrace. Shame on you Broadsword. Went to this dungeon where you get Tuscar items for this ice stuff that drops off mobs or at least that is what the guy at the entrance says when you talk to him. Except we got 15 of the drops tried to buy an item for the 15 and it says we can't buy the stuff without giving a reason. Now if this is no longer the way it works WHY THE F WOULD YOU KEEP THE MOB THERE WHO TELLS YOU THAT IS WHAT YOU DO. Again pathetic, I am really disgusted with this game and am certainly not going to subscribe. This game deserves to die if Broadsword can't get its act together.


  • wonder if they do it on purpose for some reason???
  • <slow clap>
  • I always create a level 1 and go to a trainer if i want to know what a class gets, but yeah, the herald has some old info. The playerbase basically voted that they spend their time working on other stuff. UI and website stuff might be in the works still (who knows). Maybe they could link that data to the in game trainers type stuff, the way they now have a searchable item database, and have updated the housing explorer something fierce! (save me hours of combing through ROGS).

    I think you can still trade ice for stuff. Maybe sub'ed accounts only? just like subbed accounts only can turn in tokens for ML's.
  • Lff wrote: »
    I always create a level 1 and go to a trainer if i want to know what a class gets.

    Type /train.
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