Former Alb/Perc - Transplant to Ywain 1

So, back in the day I played Alb/Perc. I decided to roll the dice and come back. I haven't done much with my 50s (Ceird/Arms, Ceirdak/Inf, Davec/Reaver), but I have been having a blast levelling again. haha I guess I need to take some time to relearn the old characters given that it has probably been 10+ years since I have really played. Do you guys have any tips on where to go to relearn character skills and how to set up your hotbars?


  • the discord server is probably best for prompt responses and help with any char skills/hotbars, ui, etc.
  • Obelisk did some really good class overview videos on youtube.

    Make sure you are looking at the playlist for the "live" server.

    There is some really amazing information in there. He has one video on qbinds and keyboard setups.

    Go check out his videos.
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