[QoL] suggestion - EV

Can we get a meta change on EV and return AT, MT, and HT to the old towers that are easier to siege? Also can we revert back and allow the safe ports?
The game population is terrible right now. With this change least you could SEE some action happening on EV instead of the East / West docks.


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    How dare you suggest anything that would interfere with the mad 8 man action!

    Population is only going down cuz it's summer.

    You must be a dirty casual and you need to get gud!

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  • Oooh yes !! Having to run to the towers just ruins my hair. Return the tower ports !!

    Bumblebunny to the rescue !
  • Returning the safe zone port will be a start thanks.

    The EV changes have been disastrous, it’s destroyed the casual game around the safe port and towers.

    Whoever broadsword are listening to for these changes they need to stop listening too them and fast, these changes have been applied for 8 mans to farm as many rps as they can in the shortest time possible, but guess what people do not like getting farmed, it is no fun, so they have left.
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    The direct port mechanic was fun when the change happened because a lot of groups were using them.

    I'd be 100% for the return of the safe port, even if it promotes the most cancerous playstyle in the game (stealth groups camping ports).

    Tower ports shouldn't come back though, it only promotes people camping relic town refreshing their map by the portal stone waiting to port and gangbang smaller numbers.

    I really don't see how a random port to EV that everybody could use at anytime and that ported you in random locations around the map to prevent camping would be worse than a safeport that requires you to own a specific set of towers and that will be camped by cancer stealthers and trappers 24/7. To each their own I guess
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    Ruined keeps (Crau, Beno, and Bled) need to make a return if EV tower ports are re-implemented. Like Shoke said, it would be very common for players to camp relic town and play fireman instead of roaming between towers. I really like the current EV tower design so that should remain if possible. The doors and lord just need to be tuned down similar to how the EV towers were before the change. I'm indifferent about safe ports since I actually like the random EV port.
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  • Completely agree.

    Not sure why these changes went into effect but the population drop correlation is hard to ignore. BS claimed they wanted to increase the instant action but have destroyed that with the ability to port into the EV towers and partake in those little tower skirmishes.

    I'm commenting from an outsider perspective of course and not a member of the 2 set 8 man's left. That play for 1-2 hours during w/e prime time.
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