Midgard Shield Buff for "heavy tanks" idea

Seeing that CC and DPS classes on each realm are overly used. There are never enough tanks spec in shield. You may have some just for body guard only but they often are under utilized in any big RvR action.

This proposal is to allow heavy tanks to help out and be more common in groups.

At level 44 spec in shield you would receive a buff for yourself that would last 30min. For every group member in your group the buff would get better and have a largre radius.

Solo/1 player in grp - 5% chance to reflect CC which last for 10sec.on the caster. All players with in 200 radius are given a 2% penetration bonus for hammer/sword damage.

2 players- 10% reflect, 3% penetration / 250 radius
3 players - 15% reflect, 4% penetration / 275 radius
4 players- 20% reflect, 5% penetration / 300 radius
5 players- 25% reflect, 6% penetration / 325 radius
6 players - 30% reflect, 7% penetration / 350 radius
Full grp - 35% reflect, 8% penetration / 375 radius
Asatruar - Ronnie 10 "
Corpseshovel - Oldstanky - Nogvi

The reason people hate to PvP is they are afraid of failure


  • 35% to reflect CC? Lmao
  • I see a lot of tanks. in Creaper ( Hib) Nameless(Alb) and Amurr(Mid) groups
  • Make block, parry, and evade 360 degrees on all classes it may require tweaking of rates on some classes.

    Stops all complaining about people negating whole spec lines with dancing around keep LoS checks for attacks but atleast you arent losing defense you have specced in making it worth while to spec shield and parry.
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    Heavy tanks are probably the most balanced class in the game atm. They are in a really good spot.

    Judging by the title you want only warriors and valks to get that buff? Considering a warrior can easily spec 50 shield, has 2 really long duration snares in shield spec and has a cloak that provides cc immunity for the group for a short duration?

    I know Asatruar aren't the sharpest crayons in the box, but that's a bit much.
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    Heavies have shield. Valks have shield. Paladins have shield. Wardens have shield. Champions have shield. Heretics have shield. Thanes have shield.

    Is there really not enough shield in the game?

    Edit: yes, I intentionally excluded Reavers.
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    35% cc reflect in group ... as if cc isn't worthless enough in this game. [not needed]
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