Caldonia event: What about the players level slower ?

As a paying and returning player I would like to know how I can benefit from the Caledonia event.

Indeed, I cannot play 24/24 but I do play 2-4 hours a day and guess what, it is IMPOSSIBLE to level unless you are with the highest levels constantly. The higher levels still get a quest kill if they kill off grey characters.

So, today, after an 1.5 hour play session, I killed 0 for my quest.

So much for an enjoyable playtime.


  • I have the same problem here; total play time of my char is 14h20’ and I am lv14... Now DAoC promised fast levelling in Caledonia. How can I catch up if I am unable to win against lvls 24 fighting in the same environment? What is your advice?
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    This event is another proof that BS is giving a **** about the majority of players.
    With this event they created another possiblity for the zerg and 8manns to gank the real players.

    The one and only chance to benefit from this event is to group or zerg with the highest levels and gank the helpless.
    Again, this event is driving players away..... instead of winning new ones.

    And also AGAIN it shows that BS dont care about the 99% of players that dont want to group.
    Everything in DAOC like it is at the moment is ONLY somehow balanced for perfect Group-Setups.

    If BS wanted to attract new players they would have to give solos a way to survive and make RPs.

    All in all this event was exactly like what many others already mentioned.

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  • Let me offer a different perspective. Even the best performing groups were literally begging for people to join them to fill up - ive not been in a single group with the "perfect setup" and most grps have a level range of up to 10. Constant action -8v8 and zerg fights everywhere. Kill lots but get rolled plenty of times. No bull**** ML/CL/curse item nonsense. Proper daoc the way it was intended. I'll be sad when the event is over.
  • 99% of "real" DAoC players are solo?! I think you're playing the wrong game.
  • This event is amazing
  • level 10 warlock and i plan on getting serious today or tomorrow.
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    Dont get discouraged because we took on a an 11 skald and he jumped up pretty quickly to 30 i think it was
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  • It seems like a great way for new or returning players to get some gear/RRs before going to live so they won't get slaughtered and quit. It just sucked that if you missed the initial start date then you were locked out.
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