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I've looked all around and can't find a definitive answer as to what's allowed and what's not when it comes to EC accounts and running multiple characters. Specifically I'm trying to find out if it's OK for me to run two separate EC accounts on two separate computers, using NO macro/multibox software whatsoever, from the same household, on the Gaheris server (so no RVR)?

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    Unless it's changed since, the official ruling is 1 EC account per user. But BS isn't going to scrutinize each and every group trying to find out if each account is being managed by a different person. Don't be a nuisance and you should be fine.
    Generally 1 player should be playing 1 EC account at a time. We're not going to restrict the number of Veteran accounts logged in except in RvR with the existing macro-group restriction.

    That said, we're not planning on going out and policing against every normal-playing EC buffbot + dps duo we see. If it becomes a problem, we may have to clamp down though.

    EC accounts that abuse their free access to the game in a way that exploits the game/its economy/detracts from other players' enjoyment or is generally playing against the spirit of the game, regardless of how many accounts they are logging in, won't have that privilege for long (at a minimum).
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  • Ok cool. I just returned to the game after a 15+ year hiatus or so. I play on Gaheris only and tend to just solo. I thought it'd be nice to have a buffer/healer backup in case things get hairy. I know the game has changed a ton since I last played so perhaps for regular solo content it's not even necessary.

    Thanks for the reply!
  • Welcome back. For PVE EC accounts do make good block bots (pally/valk/warden). Not terribly hard to get them to R5 either for MOB9, rr5 and purge.
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