GoFundMe Acct. for a New Classic Server?

Good or Bad idea??
If We start stuffing money in their pockets would they get to work and see the potential that a new server would bring?

This free acct with all the limitations is really bringing me down. Why keep trying something that people, well most people don't want or not interested in. Giving anything away for free seems like a bad business model.
I would think that the frenzy of excitement and cash flow would be Grandiose. But what do I know I'm just a classic ol' Dude.

I'd pay the first 100.00 bucks if they were serious.


  • If they released the classic server with SI, foundations, old frontiers, and a similar leveling grind as the old days, I would donate to a GoFundMe.
  • A gofundme for broadsword? I’d be fairly certain they’re not legally able to take funding from a third party to work on something they have no copyright authority over.

    You’re probably better off contacting uthred with your idea. But I suspect he will tell you he already has such a project lol.
  • I'm sure that approach will work just as well as CU...oh wait.
  • Let's give 7 million dollars tona company for them to make a daoc inspired MMO, but they'll actually make a shitty tower survival game, and when you'll want to participate in the Alpha, they'll ask you for more cash, and if you don't give them feedback they'll kick you out but keep your money.

    What could go wrong?
  • Don't forget about labelling Alpha as Beta 1.
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    I was disappointed in CU. For what its worth I am trying to support the company that has the license for DAOC.

    The free shards are unappealing, because they are not official and can be caned at a moment's notice. The ones with the license hold more water with me, and if done right, may get my monthly subscription, as well as some others I know.
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    The live server can be canned at a moments notice too though. If everything carried on in the direction things are currently headed, I’d expect the freeshard would outlast the live server.

    I just want a fun game. I liked someone’s idea somewhere about like seasons. Maybe 3 months mordred/3 months classic/3 months blah blah. If people don’t like the mordred scene they can head back to Ywain for the time being and such.
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    EA doesn't allow crowdfunding of their games.
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