Templating for small man?

Should you use a solo temp or a group temp?


  • I'd say it depends on if your smallman includes a reliable healer, a heal proc (from either cleric, friar, bard or aug healer) and wether your class has a useful class cloak for grouping or not.

    Solo temps often run OW cloak for the SoM charge which gets overwritten by heal proc, making it only really useful if your setup doesn't utilize that. Those types of heal procs (minus cleric) are about as powerful as the SoM charge, if not more so. If your class has a class cloak with a particularily strong /use for group play, use a group temp that includes it, for it is likely also very useful in smallmans.

    I think if your smallman includes any type of reliable healer you're all typically fine to run group temps, if not then being somewhat self-sufficient is important for your survivability, which solo temps are often more suited for. Classes that fundamentally template very differently for groups as opposed to solo may want to choose a solo temp (e.g. minstrel/skald may want a solo template with some charisma instead of a pure survivability group template). Templates that are specifically geared towards smallman do exist, and what is optimal for your smallman temp likely depends on the specific smallman you're looking to run.

    In short my 2c is that it depends, and you have some decisions to be made which take into account the type of smallman you're looking to run. I don't believe one type of template is inherently better than the other irregardless of situation.
  • Thanks flik for that grear feedback. In our small man i play a zerk, my friends play a valk and aug/healer. I have healing provided they are alive and uncced lol
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