Darkness Falls controlled by Macro Players

Hi everyone! I recently came back to the game and experienced a bit of trouble getting together the bounty points I need for items. I get run over a lot in the frontiers but I happily discovered you can get bounty points in darkness falls. The problem is that the dungeons are controlled by macro players that either kill things before you can or kill you if you’re spotted. I gave up on trying to experience killing the gatekeeper mob which I learned drops a lot of bounty points as a reward and instead have tried farming named mobs and umbral hulks, but unfortunately a macro player will quickly spot me there as well and bow me down. I was wondering if there’s anything that could be done about this? It just seems inherently unfair. I understand if it’s another player or two or a group of players that I can’t kill but it’s just one person and I don’t have a chance. I’ve tried at all different times of the day and different times of the week and it always ends the same way.

I alternatively found that farming bounty points is possible in TOA too but you can only do the quests once per week I think which got me one nice piece of armor once I completed them. I’ve been doing artifact encounters but they usually only give a few hundred points per completion. Could the reward from these encounters maybe be increased to compensate? There are enough different encounters that macro teams and players like me could maybe all have a chance at one. Thanks!


  • Macro teams are allowed in DF
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    I guess maybe the different server I heard about is the best place to try for older players like me then? Maybe the problem is not them but that I’m not the best player so I might try the environment over there. Ty for response though
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    Consider doing the doppleganger (kill 30 and 1 dopple lord) once per week. Generally those of us old farts who like to wander in less busied areas of the frontiers can snatch 30 dopple kills with limited deaths, and there are people wanting to kill the lords pretty much every day if you ask. (especially weekends).

    There is also usually a weekend raid on whatever realm you are on for cursed. You can also join the battlegroup and if your group gets 25 kills at a siege (something you can do on most realms every day, or even every other day), you get a pile of bps.

    If you are just hard up for bps for items you can always just farm the wood quest. One wood quest will probably net you more than killing gatekeeper 5x.
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  • The most chilled BP farm I do is just run ToA yes. Once you done it a few times its crazy fast. With one toon the weekly might not be enough yes, but I leveled a bunch of toons just for fun, the first time they all get tons of bps, and i just do weekly with multiple toons after. If you have more then just 1 toon the weekly limit is not a big deal.
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