Please remove crafted gear from bgs

As a off again on again player who has played DAOC for years I am still super frustrated at templated toons in bgs. It gives a ridiculous advantage and its just not fun to be forced to spend ridiculous ingame currency on crafted items that are godly compared to the gear that is given from bounty points in the bgs. You could either by comparison make all other gear besides pvp gear irrelevant which would really piss off your super rich players who farmed for hours and hours in pve to twink their bg toons, or beef up the basic pvp items from vendors so they are not better than but in some way, shape or form compete with templated gear.


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    You can buy BG gear with bounty points (you get enough by doing a few rounds of the quests) which caps all stats and resists. No MLs/CLs/curse/OW gear mean that the difference between the haves and have-nots is much less in BGs; BS would do well to reduce this gap at level 50 where the discrepancy is more noticeable. Templates for BGs are dirt cheap and only the BG-lifers would spend more than a few plat to min/max everything.
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  • Cheap as in how much? also where is a good resource to find templates nowadays?
  • It depends on the BG. For Molvik just buy BP items from the borderkeeps and fill it out with random TOA stuff from CMs. Should cost you no more than 5-10plat to get a pretty well functioning template. For Cathal Valley you will be spending a lot more. DAOCUtils have templates, or just search google and inevitably you will find a template from postcount (old daoc forums).

  • Also, don't forget the non-border keep border keeps (Druim Cain, Vindsaul Faste, Snowdonia) sell the same type of BP armor for gold - not bps.
  • A non border keep border keep aha
  • So your mad that you do not want to spend the the time/effort to make yourself a temp? Sounds like your just lazy.
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