You're incentivizing incorrectly

IRC is a problem, Hero is a problem. . .it's the same problem. We all want competitive fights that we have a chance to win. One stacks the deck by grouping only the most hardcore, veteran, elites while the other runs you over with brute force. Unfortunately, neither one will ever adopt the best solution to the problem, self-regulation. Without that, having a larger population can, at least, make some of these issues less intrusive. You can't just wish for a bigger population but you can make it feel bigger.

The next best thing is proper incentivization by Broadsword. Here's two quick changes that should be made in order to encourage players to get more fights.

1) RP bonuses based on total populations don't get the desired effect. You have three sides as a check but don't incentivize players to use it. Do this instead: pop. example - 100 Hibs, 50 Albs, 25 Mids. . .

H kills M = 0% RP bonus H kills A = 0% RP bonus
A kills H = 50% RP bonus A kills M = 0% RP bonus
M kills H = 100% RP bonus M kills A = 50% RP bonus

2) Death buffs. When you die with no chance to win what happens? Log or zerg. Instead of that choice incentivize players to try again/go back out to the RvR zones. Each PvP death is followed by a 1 hour buff that gives 20% extra RPs and STACKS with each death. The longer players keep playing the more fights you get.


  • Well, umm. I like it

    If it can be done. I have no issues with either suggestion.
  • IRC isn't as big of an issue as Hero zerg. IRC doesn't ruin the Warmap every day. IRC does possibly assjam fair keep fights just for RPs though, and you definitely see IRC camp a keep/tower that a realm is desperately trying to get back to open some reasonable ports just to farm it for a half hour.

    I feel bad for the casuals all the time.. if you don't run with Hero zerg what can you do for fun but get wiped by zerg or IRC?

    IMO pop is a greater issue than IRC

    Also @Broadsword should give hero a permanent 40% 5000 unit aoe realm snare so his zerg runs stupid slow
  • The dying and getting a buff will be exploited (run out and suicide a bunch just to get the buff)

    Also, IRC holds draft nights where they pick 2 captains and pick random groups. They run best of 5 then redraft

    People can't take criticism and think whatever they're doing is fine and won't adjust then wonder why better players constantly win
  • Population is the big issue at the moment. With more players every type of play style benefits dont like hero zerging a keep down well there is more to defend so defense is going to be more likely. IRC killing you there are more groups so its not over and over etc etc.
  • An increase in population would help remedy a lot of perceived problems. Broadsword has pushed gameplay in a competitive direction which alienates a lot of casual players. I personally don't have a problem with this; however, their target playerbase doesn't exist on this server anymore. What's left are the casuals who don't want to give up on their progress for a variety of reasons but simply can't or won't (hard to distinguish sometimes) put in the time to improve their gameplay to be competitive. It's unsurprising that one group of competitive players can dominate an entire server.

    Addressing the one sided zerg problem could, in part, be solved by a larger population. However, it doesn't stop players from jumping on the bandwagon to maximize their RP output with minimal input. The tweak to underpopulation bonuses described above would help in that regard. However, I think the biggest culprit is tower/keep defense/capture bonus. These need to be adjusted to benefit the smaller force (whether defending or capturing) over the larger force. The number of kills and rezzes needs to be weighted by the total number of players in the area on a per realm basis. This would also address solos and small mans earning a larger fraction of keep bonuses than a full group.
  • Casuals are generally daoc player who due to life situation love the game dont have the time/life style to dedicate to daoc. Consta punished over time, just keep pushing the casuals and you will be left with 6-7 8 mans, see what $ that brings you.
  • Adding population is a good fix for problems, but you can't just add pop. on a whim. You, instead, add it artificially by making it feel like there are more players. How? The death buff encourages players to spend more time in RvR zones and adding RP buffs for random locations (like a randomly placed Bugane) would encourage players to bunch up in certain areas.

    The death buff can be abused for sure. You would almost have to change your ToS to prohibit set fights unless you go /rpoff.
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    Your death buff just screams abuse. But the overall idea to get people to come back is interesting.

    A spin on your idea could be a buff related to keep defense/attack instead of death.

    Example, you defend keep X and fail at defending (attackers win). You then have the 20% buff thatvstacks with each failed defense and that applies until you win a keep/tower fight, then it resets.

    The defense RPs should def be adjusted based on present pop (to increase value given to low pop). It is completely ridiculous that you can take a tower with 4/5'1 pop dadantage and get big bonuses, while the defenders get a crappy bonus because they weren't able to kill anything.
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  • i know a very close game that gives some rps just for being in rvr, runs about twice the population of ywain.
  • And is ran by a bunch of angry Germans who make up their own rules depending on the day
  • In fairness ywain rule set has pushed an 8 man agenda for a while. Choked out the casual players. Now games devoid of population cracks are showing in the predictable daily pattern.
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