Time to BS do his job

When BS do is job whith ban on players using cheat like dirtysurprise ? appeal doesn't work or it's complacency ???


  • I love the story here, lots and lots of information here, well with me running around today on my solo melee healer, recording for my upcoming solo movie, I encountered a r3 scout hugging the tower real bad at hmg, let me cut it out for you real nice here. That was me. :)
    However, I would like you take your time and really focus on elaborating what you think happened, as my recording shows nothing.
  • So.......What happened?
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    Morsanto died to a melee healer and instead of coming to the conclusion that he's terrible, he blames it on "hacks".

    #1 excuse people use when killed in a pvp game
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  • Lol a melee healer with only cl styles? Lol
    It took me 15 min to kill an afk ns one time
  • Others have fallen
  • Where the heck is that? I've crawled all over the new frontiers and I've no idea where that would be, closest would be a combo of hib maze and alb legionairres.
  • Its a mystery lol and cant wait for the video to come out
  • Here we go
  • @lff thats the ruined building in hib maze
  • Scouts are a terrible class, been reduced from kite dps class to some low dps utility ranged caster.

    Only issue people have with them a mutiples guess reason why they have been watered down so much over time. Painful class to play solo, not saying it can not be done and pretty sure anyone can show a video of a scout killing nubs, vs real solos different story

  • Wasn't there another solo healer video out there, think the name started with a G.
    Enjoyable video.
    Dreamscape 12Lx Dark Lotus
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