Keep door and wall repair

Where can I find an official source regarding the requirements and function of player keep door and wall repair?
From random forums I read that you require woodworking, which for doors seems correct, but for walls as well?
For skill levels, they mention that it's 50 skill per level of the door/wall that is required, so a level 10 keep would need 500 skill in order for 100% successful repair per repair.
Is there an official resource for these matters?


  • Yes woodworking for the stone walls as well!

    500 skill in woodworking is going to fail 100% on a level 10 keep, at least in my experience.
  • 100 skill per level is closer to accurate. I haven't tested to see if fail rates diminish with 1300 WW compared to 1000. Regardless, there is a chance to fail with high WW skill (1000+) on level 10 keeps albeit small.
  • when hero is on i spend a bit of time salvaging duskwood staves and making whistles to sell :)
    gets your woodworking up which makes it easier and quicker to repair "keep walls and doors"
    also you can save the duskwood to use in repairs...
  • even with 1000 woodworking i fail a lot on lvl 10 keeps
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    You need twice the woodworking to repair keeps as you do towers. It works the same for doors and walls, the difference is keep or tower and then level of. I believe (From memory) you also need half the skill of whatever it is to repair which equates to 250 woodworking to be eligible to repair a level 10 tower, and 500 for a lvl 10 keep. You obviously fail less often as you have more skill. You don't, however, use less materials with more skill, or go faster (unless you account for fails) (what would that be, repairs/minute)?.

    Yes you'll fail some with 1000 woodworking on a level 10 keep, but you can also bump woodworking up to 1300 now with alternate tradecrafts. Have any fletching? Fairly easy to get 300-500 in that.

    On this topic, there should totally be a rockworking skill but I don't know how they'd work that in. More interactive towers??? Towers or just outer towers or just inner towers that can level to level 15 but only if you use rockworking (30 minute reuse timer, 90 second cast. use: upgrades a tower one level, up to level 15).

    Also, they should revamp convoker so it drops 1,000 wood per/30 seconds. (still with a chance to drop duskwood). What with siegetowers destroying a level 10 keep and you getting negligible rps for the repair, it's kinda silly now the amount of gold it costs to repair.
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