Naming weapons...

Can this be a thing? Sometimes I wish I could label my weapons to distinguish them from others. Take Leggies, for example. I have different crafted sets of Leggies for different classes and templates, and it is slightly exhausting keeping things organized for when I do switch things up or change things around. Having to pull up my builds and check stats is annoying to me.

Also, carrying weapons in your pack sometimes similar weapons have similar names and it gets confusing. It would be nice if I could label them for weapon-swapping purposes...

Good idea or stupid idea?


  • This shouldn't just be restricted to weapons, also. Just thought of this after posting about the weapons, but there are many crafted pieces of armor that I would also love to name and be able to organize in my vaults.

    And I'm already seeing a "problem" with this idea... Custom named items probably wouldn't be able to be dropped in your house vaults. This would be sad, because this is currently where I keep my different sets for different templates... There is so little room in your personal /bank for items as it is... I guess mount saddlebags do just fine tho
  • I would rename my ml10 weapons to “used to be good before broadsword changes”
  • Beef Bayonet my anti-hero weapon.
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