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    A mend aug shaman can be a pretty powerful healer

    Without Cele and grp hot? not really... and Frig dont work on desease targets.

    Bye the Way..@Broadsword

    Give Shaman Caveline damage..
    To reduce the Baseline DD from 148 to 128 was a great joke from nearly no dmg to really no dmg..
    Every Tank has a bigger Selfregenaration as a Sham doing Dmg on that.. Same on Poison...
    I have RR12L9 Sham with Cap Temp and Crit and Magic 7 and 10% resi pierce and my poison tick mostly arround 50 to 100dmg..
    Listcaster doing 400dmg/tick easy on Cap Resis.
    If you have a dmg line skilled 50, this had to do DAMAGE and not to tickle the Enemie!
    The only think on Cave line, that hurts a bit is my Bolt...
    And Focus still dont have a effekt on Posion and the baseline dd.. so it seems..
    At last, you have removed all the fine things on the both heals in Caveline.. so where is the problem to set the range to 2K like all other heals and reduce the mana to normal..

    In the same way, bring back archer dmg..
    In fakt that every Class can now have Charge (ring, neck) and that every have enorm Absorbs on his chars, the dmg vorm Archerline is a joke! Remove the timer from Crit and Powershot.. Fakt, as this timer comes, Archer doing easy arround 1K critshot.. in Fakt this is long long time ago, iam happy to get a critshot with 500dmg.. but mostly its fewer. And bring back ALL Magic dmg shot (heat/cold/matter/spirit) to every Archer, it not fair that some can shot on lower resist..

    And a nother thing.. why you dont make that you can release a storm! It make is usless in open field fight..
    Put a Range on Speedwarps.. it the caster is more than 3K-5K away, make warps inactiv!
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  • @berserkus shamans are not ment to be a dps class they are a support class and its dots are the same as any other dot in the game they wont kill anyone unless they have no resist and or heals and the dd is base line just like the druids if you gave them any better dps they woukd be unbalanced especially in solo because they oready just buff shear, dot, disease and kite to the end of time and i have no problem with heals on my shaman he is 40 aug rest mend and the figs work pretty nicely the only down side to a heal sham is no spread heal and you dont need cele if you oready have a healer with which most grps will probably have for the other half of the resist. And single and aoe disease are both in base line so you can still disease and shear for the ma when needed and i just cast grp cure all befor i do frigs if i realy need to heal somebody i drop my 50% more incomeing heals buff on the one im healing. Andbim normally in the top 10 in heals when i play him with all 3 bgs out. And most dont go 50 cave anyways its something like 38-40 aug rest cave and they dont have problems killing people solo at least in grps they are supporting how ever they need to not trying to dps
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    @berserkus shamans are not ment to be a dps class they are a support class

    Cleriks are support class and you can see how much dmg the do? and now?

    Schaman has a DPS line and this has to hurt.. nothing else, your worts are nothing as hot air..
    There are many ways to play sham and i really dont need tho hear "how to play sham" i played all specs and i know how to play!
    Did you know how long you need to kill anybody solo with 36/38 cave?.. the enemies have more selfregeneration as you doing dmg.. and if you desease them.. befor you steal them 1K hp you death.. every char has Charge.. Wirst or Necklace.. you cant kite or somthing else. not with a sham now. Or all your dots going in multiple Absorbs..
    The time is gone, far far away, that you can play sham solo and kill anybody. Mybe only really bad players..

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  • Speedwarp Instant disease, damage reflect if they charge you, and speed use items for when charge is down. Ichor and root for when you mess up.

    It's not a class I'd love to solo on but you can do it.
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    The real issue is that assassins are going to eat you alive if they play well (with blur/vanish/insta mez and snare poison + positionals that snare you for 90% you can't kite a stealth that specs/plays right).

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  • Clerics are something else and i do think they need to lose the spec nuke its just too much compared to the other support classes. And i was nkt telling how to play a shaman just that it dose not need to be a dps class of you did that then you would have to make druids a dps class too.
  • If they lose the spec nuke, there's no reason to go smite lol
  • Thats true
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    I think this is a bug but hopefully it only impacts PVE.

    The 375 delve bain PBAOE hits multiple times (or so it seems) per pulse, if there are more than one mobs in the area. The lower level one doesn't seem to do it as best as I can see.

    For example, pull the entire camp of Fins or 20 mobs in POC with a block bot, and they will all die on the first pulse. Pull just one mob and it will take the normal 3-6 pulses to kill or whatever, based on you and mob.

    I assume that's not working as intended, but hopefully it's just a PVE only issue.
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