Tower/Keep Defense or Offense bonuses

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@John_Broadsword @Carol_Broadsword, can you explain how tower/keep defense or offense bonuses are calculated? Damage done, healing done, length of battle, vicinity, time to repair keep/tower after battle is over? Several of us have noticed tremendous bonuses at times when we couldnt explain the amount of bonus awarded, while other times we knew we were going to get a massive bonus due to the length of fight, keep/tower not changing hands, and a massive amount of kills or hps healed, only to recieve an 800 rp bonus.

Is there a specific calculation used? Does time affect this bonus?
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  • Sounds like a good grab bag question.
  • Pretty sure it's just based off total damage done/ RPs earned. And I think there is a cap. When I'm on my necro solo I've never got more than a 46,000 rp bonus and that's with buggane and a 50% pot up.
  • It can happen that keep/tower is not flaming or you got already a bonus during the fight, when someone killed the lord.
    But its a good grab bag question i guess.
  • Yeah, the whole group talked through the scenario. Long bg fight on tower. Lord did not die. I think i came out of the fight with 13 db's, and @ 10k rps just for this one specific fight. Others in the group mentioned their totals, but i did not document it. In an eight man fighting within a bg, over 5 minutes or so, it wasnt bad. My problem is ive seen way bigger bonuses for less rps. This one , the tower was flamed the whole fight, the opposing bg came in waves, and the fight lasted a good 5 +minutes.. maybe close to 10.. tower never repaired.. flamed the whole time.. .and i think i received 890 rps bonus.

    I am simply asking if there is a specific math to it? I enjoy the theories and the suggestions, but i have those too. I was hoping for a concrete answer that A + B (/c) = D. Also, the question came up in the group if time to repair gave diminishing returns on rps.
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    afaik the above is still accurate with the caveat that 'successful defense' bonus is now 2x (doubled). Meaning if you owned the keep/tower when it went on fire and continue to own it when the fire goes out you get double the bonuses in the 1.121 notes. So 100% value for keep and 40% value for tower, again only if successfully defended.

    1) Taking an enemy owned outpost won't ever give the 2x bonus. Inherently not a defense activity.
    2) EV towers are currently considered keeps, not towers, because you can port to them.
    3) RP pool is personal and the range on 'adding RP's to the pool' is very strict. The patch notes mention this, however its important to note that it's YOUR position that matters in regards to if the RP's count toward your individual pool (read: NOT where the enemy you kill dies). If you are standing too far, like a melee toon outside and EV tower killing something at MG, your healers/casters back at the tower will get much more of a bonus at the end because all the kills you got add to their pool but you weren't close enough to have it added to yours.
    4) because of current bonuses a CAP defense tick (10x your 'solo' RP worth to an enemy) is around 45k-ish. The 20k they mention in the 1.121 notes was prior to some stacking and they mention those would stack but could be slightly misleading reading now years later.
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    I think the defense bonuses were a fantastic idea and were well received. However, I'd like to note that I have 1 big issue with the implementation of keep take/defense bonuses:

    It incentives attackers to flee if they begin-to-lose because defenders won't chase.

    Defenders will want to keep their defense bonus, but if they leave the '8k radius' (much much smaller at some keeps) they will get nothing, nada, no defense tick at all as the keep goes off fire. So defenders feel compelled to stay in radius for defense tick and attackers can generally make a clean getaway. This is a consequence of design and should be addressed. A defending force should NOT be incentivized to HIDE after starting to win (i.e. causing attackers to flee); rather they should be able to chase down a fleeing enemy without giving up hard a hard fought bonus. The requirement 'must still being in 8k range when keep goes off fire' should be removed. Then battles can continue more organically, not with defenders scurrying back to a keep for a bonus RP tick.

    This '8k units' requirement seems to have been built for attackers, as they have nothing to lose if there was not distance limit (may as well run). So this 8k units requirement could be kept for attackers, so as not to incentivize them to run. Basically whatever realm owns the keep/tower when the flames goes out should have no range limit on RP pool tick, the other 2 realms could maintain the 8k limit. Would fix this inorganic defense issue.
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