Traveling Merchants and Shipwreck Salvage

  • The traveling merchants have returned for the Spring festivities!
    • They will remain until the festivities end on May 5th, 2020.
  • A new, permanent gather quest, Shipwreck Salvage, has been added that will be enabled whenever seasonal gather quests are inactive.
    • Players can obtain the quest at their Commander NPC in their realm's strength relic town:
      • Albion: Commander Wentworth in Catterick Hamlet
      • Midgard: Commander Hrurdin in Godrborg
      • Hibernia: Commander Locke Crair Treflan
    • This quest can be obtained on both the Ywain and Gaheris servers.

The Merchants have set up shop in their usual areas, so be sure to pay them a visit and stock up before they take their leave!

In Albion: Just outside of gates of Castle Sauvage in Camelot Hills
In Midgard: Just outside of Svasud Faste in the Vale of Mularn
In Hibernia: Just outside of Druim Ligen in Connacht

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