A new way of Housing

There are different types of crafting that makes hinges and bolts and such and I was wondering if instead of just buying a deed to a house, we actually use crafting to "build" a house? Instead of just buying everything, in order to have a house you would have to put the work in yourself. Have different stages of houses, First the floors appear, then after you make the hinges for the front door, nails for the walls, then the walls appear and maybe add to crafting things like "Shingles" for the roof, "Framing Squares" if you want to turn your single floor house into a 2-story to make stairs and such.....opinions? Or is this just ****? Too much work for the devs?


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    Dude ... Guy ... Compadre ... They can't increase the amount a consignment merchant can store past 200 plats. What you are asking is the equivalent of asking NASA to send astronauts to Jupiter. Is it possible? Yes. Is it going to happen? NO! There are just too many more important things to do than waste developer's time doing that.
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  • Yeah that'd be neat and you can do that with furniture to scale your furniture to whether you're a troll or a lurikeen but like TopDude said, it's not happening these days. That'd have had to be put in when they had the team to make that happen.
  • Play Sims
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    Play Sims

    or Skyrim
  • Lol skyrim cane to my mind to
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