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In a recent discussion, someone mentioned a little boost for pallys. I like my pally, but im not a serious player nor carry high level skills. The thought came to mind after awhile that since the game has redirected more focus on rvr (by it appears taking away some of the pve area admittance, can u tell im just returning to the game?) something to consider would be a chant for group seige bonus? This could be used to grow a class (pally and/or some others) while promoting an enhanced rvr.

P>S> hopefully there is nothing like this currently that im just unaware of.


  • Minstrels got that buff in alb. Skalds in mid and Champs in hib sadly.
  • I have a hard time on my pally running solo since he is a low realm rank. I feel that if he had speed 6, charge, and insta stun with 9 sec duration he would be much more fun to play. :wink:
  • .....and paly really self identifies as a sojourner...........ya.
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    Paladins are in a VERY SOLID state atm. There is no need at all to boost them. You`ll find them in pretty much every alb setup.

    They basicly bring the total package als BGer, Peeler, Backup Healer and even DPS. And with a template that has 30+ mythical det in it they are nearly unstoppable.
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  • I think pallys are in a good place. But I still believe giving them ST wouldn't be too much. I think that should be the class to have it over a friar.
  • if you think pally needs a boost then make a new char, its not for you
  • hello man pally is soooo fun dont give up ... if its can help you take a look
  • Huehuaehue wrote: »
    if you think pally needs a boost then make a new char, its not for you

    i'm a wrong in thinking that paladins are a great tank and a great healer ?
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