Make DAOC Playable Again



  • Hahaha uhhh ohhhh someone is salty xD
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  • KatKat
    edited January 2020 PM
    Just increase realm timers to an hour or longer, and the "irc" infestation will end
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  • That signature, tho =)
    Listen to the people - they will guide you..
  • would think that the irc--skilled players would just make two additional free accounts so when they log into say hib and forget to look at the population bonus and kill some poor stealther---just log into alb/mid where they can get better action,bonus rps......
    maybe a little handicap also for their skills to overcome for about a week:)
  • Yall are great let's keep this going maybe John will do something or let someone else do something LOL!
    Hello guys How r yall?
    Have fun & good luck out there in the big bad gaming world!!!!
    Hammer to the face!!!
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