How about Broadsword tweaking keeps for better defense and having it on pendragon/live for testing?

too many times i watch keep being defended and it just seems the people on offense are at a advantage. Even with the Oil redesign which i love but i think the inner keeps need something. Just seems like the inner keep has some LOS issu


  • As soon as your at inner, its much easier for attacker, yea.
  • Hib didnt break the game. Lack of a EU BG leader did. Where is anna on mid? Brut or rescue on hib? I wish there was better zergs from the other realms because i miss rvring in hib!
  • Lol cant take a keep from hib as it is theres no need to make it harder to take.
  • So don't improve keeps because alb and mid have no leadership during EU time that can go against Herorius. Great vision .
  • Remove climb wall on pure tank . Will be a good start
  • The point is to make it harder for hibs to take a keep.

    Every realm has tanks with climb wall. Thats pretty fair.
  • Already gave a suggestion but apparently no one has the guts to implement it. It would balance the defender/attacker imbalance in population.
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  • The hero problem can be solved just needs broadsword to sort it
    better keep defences are a good response to the hero
    Here’s my ideas after years of defending against him.
    Line of sight on inner keep is terrible the roof is the only place you can target the enemy from
    because of the increase in pbaoe it’s insta death to push out the 2 postern doors they are usually protected with hib tanks and pbaoes.
    So once the outter door is down you are effectively corralled into the inner keep waiting for the Zerg to roll you.
    My solution would be for the doors to be buffed up on the outter gate upper entry doors on the ramparts and oil to be placed above them so that oil can be poured on Hero’s tanks.
    That way a bunch of casters can hang out and target the courtyard.
    I would also like to see the upper ramparts only accessible from lower doors that can be broken down by melee and the upper ramparts compartmentalised.
    Finally to address the problem of climbing tanks being healed with no interupt I propose some sort of barrier that forces healers to move out into the open when sieging keeps ,a moat possibly with man eating sharks in It.
    Be cool to see hero fall into the moat and be consumed by sharks while yelling got und Himmel de sharks de sharks de biting me and a minute later a pair of bloody horns float to the surface.
    Oh the dreams I dream !
    Finally could the underpopulated realm have its siege power increased in damage and speed so they can force hero to move away from the keep he is attacking because his own might be endangered.
    It would also be good on the island as well and for small man taking towers.

    As for running eu alb zergs eu time we have a good leader in darky who recently has been kicking hero’s ass with less numbers and no relics.
    Check him out Monday’s 7 pm gmt
    And Thursday 7 pm gmt .
    His Zerg is growing week by week Good luck to him and all of albions finest we maybe be the underdogs but these doggies bite!
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    Balance often (small balances) and do it primarily off statistics (no oh this one thing will fix everything, no lets just make everyone have the same spell that's Ballance right, no balancing who cried the most last week, or who knows the devs best), balance based on metrics that can be seen though aggregated data (oh rp hib rps are off the chart, hib pop has spiked, hib kill to deaths has gone to comical levels, ext), yes the solutions could be informed by the users and feedback but apply small fixes weekly/biweekly? And monitor feedback... Just kind of common sense I thought but I guess some can't be bothered by the simple solution... (And yes there are places for big game changing patches... Just don't forget the small ones that fallow them)
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  • yep I’m all for little tweaks but mostly I’d welcome broadsword to hold there hands up say you know what guys we have reviewed the patches we have installed something is not right with the game let’s reroll it back when the pop massively dropped and start again.
    Or do we accept hibs have had the relics for weeks now and most probably allways will which is a fact do we accept that suddenly hibs have a huge proportion of rps in respect to the other realms which again is a fact and Most probably will continue to or do so or do we say well you know what I just think it’s because hib are better players and more numbers are in hib because hero is a great bg leader.
    Or conversely do we have a realm imbalance problem.
    All questions for broadsword to answer and the community at large
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    You see when you buff a keep to make easyer to defend against hero you are then makeing it that much harder to get our relics back from said buffed keeps. the keeps are fine the way they are you cant make changes based on a problem caused by population. Or it will the lead to even more problems. Just need to solve the population problem and that should fix omost everything.
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  • People are mistaking a population issue for a balance issue.

    If Alb/Mid had a decent EU BG leader and the numbers like Hib does, there wouldn't be a problem.
  • The fact that on a leveled keep, the outer towers can see the inner CK roof is one of the worst keep design flaws. One way to remove that is to stop keeps from leveling up aesthetically, only difficulty-wise.
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