Ranger PB Question/Weapon skill increase buffs

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Need help in understanding this.

Ranger PB shot increases Pierce/Blades by for 15% or whatever.

Ok so if i use only CD styles. How and why does my damage increase?

I am always told that for example we should spec comp base 50/51/52 weapon when using CD styles.

Do these type of bufffs also increase CD style kind of like hidded?

I get vamp WS buff as this pretty basic one weapon spec buff

Anyone explain please?
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  • @BackOfRackhams i think its just worded wroung think of it as thrust/slash like damage types so it increases your damage for those types by 15% if im right someone correct me if im wrong.
  • Just the weapon type is increased.
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    to note all of below is in the context of range and cd some other lines are different.

    I would guess you + from style is not increasing, just your overall damage per hit or something

    Base weapon damage is based on slash/thrust
    When using a CD style the + From style is based on cd lvl and the moves growth rate (ie you preformed stab perfectly (+from style)) and add a bit of random because ya.

    As you mentioned you had 51,52 comp ish in main weapon so you should already be at the soft cap (you get very very small if any for going over) 15% buff is only about lvl 59ish so not much better. But I'm guess the buff applies this in a strange way otherwise all you would have is better defence pen and nothing else from the buff. Might be a good question for the grab bag if they haven't already. Wardens have a blades move that does 25% and maulers have one to, some weapons have them aswell. It seem like it's a mithical stat or something and goes over the cap (just like mithical focus for casters)?
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  • Interesting part for me that it actually increases my rangers weapon skill, which seems to increase damage either on cd styles or blade styles.

    So I would think like @names stated just a 15% increase in damage, but why would it increase weapon skill.

  • I never noticed if weaponskill increased, never had that tab open when fighting.

  • Weaponskill buffs increase damage (and style proc damage, if applicable, like on Reavers and Valkyries).

    It's a blades/pierce buff that increases both your weaponskill and your melee damage (it does not increase your melee damage cap - it just makes it easier to hit that cap).

    TLDR: when the buffs were for Celtic Dual and Critical Strike (like the old DF weapons), it turned out they weren't doing anything, so they were changed to blades/pierce, slash/thrust, etc. :o

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