Things that are broken but easily fixed.

The core mechanic of this game is 3 realm RvR which added the element of randomness and surprise in the end game. All forms of game play were viable with a large robust population whether it be solo, small group or massive group. Rather than give a dissertation may I propose some items as problems with easy fixes?
1. Problem :Not enough people on to form functional groups. Solution:Make all classes solo viable or create quests that all can do for RP reward to ensure there is something to do all the time for everyone.
2. Problem: Realm stacking. Solution: Require accounts to be home bound to a realm and require a mythril purchase to switch with a cooling off period before access to RP bonuses.
3. Problem: Real Estate Sprawl: Solution: Reduce the RVR area and create rotating hot zones that are more risky and safer zones with towers where less enabled classes can fall back?
4. Problem: scalable CC: Solution: reduce all ranged hard CC duration and replace with slows?


  • #2 is great. Make the relic realm hoppers and irc scumbags pay to switch servers when they are losing/want to play EZ mode hib with all power relics. But no one has the balls to do this unfortunately.
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  • Sounds good
  • *Worst post nomination 2020*
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    You think the OP is the most stupid thing you've ever read in your life, and then you scroll to see someone agreeing with him.
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  • Actually i think with an EC account it should have no restrictions to classes but you can only play 1 realm, no house and 2 toons which max at rr6
  • Account vaults would be nice. Transferring $ between characters and realms on the same account would also be nice. /Train wherever you are would be cool.

    Alas, the code is too old for these things I suppose. Better off making class balance changes that lead to more players quitting.
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