New command. /pvp challenge <target> <phrase>

This command challenges someone if you think they're afk, if they don't reply in 60 seconds to whatever you typed in <phrase> (no more than 6 characters, custom so they can't macro a reply) they get a PvP flag turned on and you can kill him. This'll stop the madness of afk farming! Do it every 15 minute so they you don't have people getting spammed.



  • Sounds more like #murderbots2020
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  • You can deal with that easily enough if you're at the keyboard. Plus, add some spice to PvE.
  • I'm sure BS could implement this in the next decade =P
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  • lol, i get in fights for over 60 sec, no way your gona make my type some dumb text, would turn into crossrealmers favorite command. they just need csr's and some rules.. but no why they will do that if people pay : (
  • Tyrantanic wrote: »
    I'm sure BS could implement this in the next decade =P

    Stay tuned for the 2030 end of decade grab bag
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  • Sounds fun, time to get bots spam this so everyone have to reply 6 characters every second in order to stay in game. (even with delay it would be annoying as fk, don't make people do i'm not a robot survey every game session)
  • /pvp challenge Amurdora Füćked

    Yes, I like that idea... :D
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