What happens when your subscription ends now?

So Endless conquest is live and from what I assumed anyone who has an account should be able to play, with the restrictions set out of course.

I know they have the 180 day old account rule but does that mean that if you subscribed 150 days ago and your sub runs out does your account just close and you get no access to it at all?

In a similar vein what if I am a new player and create an account, play for a month, really enjoy the game and then subscribe. Would I then be in the same situation should I not subscribe again for the following month? Would I be locked out of my account completely?

I ask because I am in that situation at the moment.


  • As far as I know, its 180 days from account closing. I guess to prevent this exact thing. To stop all current sub’s to not let their account drop and just go free to play.

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    Does this not simply encourage people not to subscribe though? If they know once they do they can never go back?

    Wouldn't they just create a new account?
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  • Send in feedback to have it removed. I made a similar point not too long ago.
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  • IMO I don't think if you have been subbed this whole time you would even remotely enjoy your account as f2p. The restrictions are many, and I put up with them because I haven't played in almost a year so it's fun to dabble in even with restrictions.

    I agree with @Friteful if you did start a new free EC account, then subbed, why not just keep subbing? Let's be honest if after 1 month of subbing you REALLYYYY like your f2p account better with all those restrictions, then just make another f2p account because what's a month honestly? yanno?
  • It was more the case of what if I sub one month then decide ok well this month I want to buy something from mithril store.
    I might not really want to pay for both a subscription and the equivalent of another months sub for cosmetics/utility in one month. However as it stands unless I sub it seems I have no access to my current account or characters and therefore would have to open another F2P account.

    In the end I may end up with 2 accounts, (which I really don't want, Broadsword have been more than helpful trying to return all my old accounts already) 1 that I sub and one that I never sub.If I don't sub every month though I'll end up playing on my F2P account way more due to having access to to every month.
  • I don't think it's ever been about not being able to pay the $15 though. If you like the game enough, you might as well pay for it, or if you're like me and don't think the game is worth $15, then don't pay for it
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