Confused on classes for EC

Hail and well met, all.

I thought if a returning player's non-EC enabled characters were above Lv 15, with longer than 7 days played, that I would be able to play them?

This doesn't appear to be the case. Every one of my characters, EC and non-EC, were created within the first week of Gaheris going live, (I started when DAOC went live), well over Lv 50, and well over 7 days played.

How come all the non-EC characters say Subscribe not Play?

Did they change this but not update the FAQ?

Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide.


  • Sounds like a bug. I would DM either Carol or John on Discord. Otherwise email
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  • Few people brought this up in discord and JBS stated to email

    Just an FYI you need to be very very specific when emailing them, literally over explain the situation in detail. If not you may spend alot of time going back and forth and waiting for responses.

  • The only characters I can log onto are the ones that happen to match the EC race and class combos. I just assumed that was WAI.
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