What will be the new race / class combo with the new patch?

I would love to see a Dwarf BD, SM or Warlock and a Troll Valkyrie for Mid. For Hib an Elf Vampiir and a Shar Bard or Druid. I think that a Minotaur Friar and Highlander Mauler might be nice for Alb. What other Race / Class combos would be of interest?


  • against the lore :)))
  • Firbolg bainshee in my opinion
  • Screw the lore. Inconnu Theurgist please.
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  • Shoke wrote: »
    Firbolg bainshee in my opinion

    This is interesting
  • Troll SB

    WOW, and a Firbolg NS and Half Ogre Infil I suppose? :wink:
  • Saracen Friar because Friar Staff is Dex-based.
  • Luri druid/wardens, Saracen friar/cleric and Kobold healers.

    Lore notwithstanding (IMO it went out the window with minotaurs), if these are the classes Broadsword wants people to play, make them a tiny (haha) bit more fun to play.
  • Hell yeah ! Luri druid , kobby healer !
  • LURI WARDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Although it would go against lore...
    Troll SBs should be allowed on Pendragon. Not on Ywain or anything, but for fun and testing
  • Lore died when Elves could channel nature magic (ani) and Necromancers betrayed their god and embraced demonology.
  • id like to see valkyn shaman, frostalf warriors, saracen friars, inconnu theurgists , celt eldtritch and elf valewalkers
  • Kobold Valk (Mid) and a Luri Warden (Hib) plz and ty!
  • Ciddire wrote: »
    Lore died when Elves could channel nature magic (ani) and Necromancers betrayed their god and embraced demonology.

    #DwarfBDs2019 then!
  • LURI WARDEN!!!!!!!!!!
    Plz and Thank You!!!!
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    Valkyn shamans. No others matter

    Also was there something said of new combos being added next patch?
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  • ^^ no, there was not. This is just fake news.
  • Troll Hunter please.....
  • We already have a Hunter whos a troll.
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    Kobby thane and acuity buff, that is all
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  • KoeKoe
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    When Albs got HO Inf I wondered why Hib didn't likewise get Sylvan NS. Don't tell me it's against the lore as NS' is the magic "shade" class, and Sylvans have a strong magical affinity and have always had a stealth ability (ranger). That would give all 3 realms an equal 70 base str shade class and possibly drive a little more interest to the NS class than the 3 non- zerging ns's out there vs the like 10-20 for inf/sb.
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  • @Koe I see more hib stealth zerg then mid/alb. Maybe its our time difference. Hibs have upper hand vs all assassins. Personally having an insta dd, dot. You totally negate any alpha strike from any other stealth. On top of interrupts for days on any ranged character. Thats just why i think they are better, but race of class always was an easy way to distinguish who is what class. Guess bottom line is hibs don’t need anything else. They are op’d.
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