Time to UPDATE In-Game Merchant Search Tool (Player Market Search)

Now that most of the bugs/issues with the out-of-game SEARCH TOOL have been addressed, could some time/effort be placed into updating the In-Game Merchants in Housing? I'd like to start the list here of what folks would like to see CHANGED/UPDATED with the In-Game Merchants:

- Update search options to include: Weapon/Melee Style, Weapon/Melee Damage; Casting/Magic Range, Casting/Magic Damage.
* Have a Check box (or similar) to allow the search to include sub-req (like style damage vs humanoid, elemental, etc) or to allow to search for items with NO sub-req. We don't TEMP to fight elementals, just each other, so we need to be able to locate/buy items that can be used in PvP (not PvE only). And in all honesty, why aren't the sub-reqs for these items just pulled completely?

- Update search options to include: Add sub-menus for items like STAT CAPS. Currently, to find an item with a STR STAT CAP Increase, I have to select BONUS: Stat Cap, then what slot, then pilfer through 142 pages of that item with EVERY STAT CAP to try and find something with STR on it. This is EXTREMELY frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying.

- Add the ability to search based on BONUS LEVEL and/or update the BONUS LEVEL to actually show a value once the search results are listed. Currently, all ROG items DO NOT show a value for BONUS LEVEL when delved at the Player Market. If you need ANY ROG item and you're not Lvl50 you have to find the server an item is on, port over to it, search again, find it again, select it to buy, browse ALL the sellers items to find it again, delve it, then realize it's 8 levels higher than what you need... then rinse, repeat until you find an item at the level you're looking for. Again, EXTREMELY frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying. SUGGESTION: Has anyone in game EVER searched for an item based on it's quality? Really, quality? Modify this code to use BONUS LEVEL, min/max instead.

- Add the ability to search based on PROC LEVEL.


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