Guild reforming and looking for allies in Midgard

Hi all, Renegade Avengers guild is reforming after several years hiatus and we're looking to reconnect with players from the olden days and/or meet new folks we can ally with. We're small right now, and have been away from the game since before the Otherworld and Curse quest lines became active, but have many well equipped classes and plenty of experience playing DAoC. Please reach out to us if you see us in-game and care to ally with us, or even just to let us tag along and help out on raids, in BGs, etc. We're a North American guild, playing mainly Central times, but with some (myself included) playing just about any time.


  • From what original cluster/server????
  • We are originally from Devon cluster, Galahad server
  • Hail & welcome back R.A.! Think it was you that we spoke to yesterday re TLA /as. Looking forward to rvring and raiding with you folks! I also started on (mid) Galahad, too with old guild there, Loki's Minions, '01-'04.
    Hit us up later in TS anytime.
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