I can not find the announcement.

I went to turn some of my salvaged metal into boxes only to find I can't. This is on ywain 7. My salvager has 1300 in most things and now gets a message that I must find a lathe to make the bow when in fact I want to make a gem studded jewellery box. Soo, I went and got a lathe and was told I needed x amount of wood etc to make the bow. When did crafting change as my other small girls cant craft either.. they apparently need nearly all things leveled like cloth etc.\
Please help as this is very upsetting.


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  • Hi Saphhy,

    You may be trying to make an item such as a bow when what you are wanting to do is "Trinket". Look under woodworking to make wood things, cloth making to make cloth things and metal working for metal things. For metal working you do need a forge as you are bending metal. The other two do not require a tool as you can easily do them while redecorating your house or joining in the odd region chat. The later is very useful to use to stay awake. You can start hours of conversation by saying a given class is OP or that stealth workers are sane, focused and the most honorable of critters that float upon the earth.
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