Closing DAoC Utils


I regret to let you know that DAoC Utils will be shutting down on July 31, 2019.

A few years ago, this project started as a simple replacement for gimpchimp. At that time, with the release of the item database, I felt there was an opportunity to make a tool that would help the community as a whole. Over the last few years, this project has grown beyond what I could've imagined, and has helped thousands of new/returning/existing players figure out how to template their characters. Building this gave me a tremendous sense of pride, and something that I'll always look back on fondly.

Though I had *many* more plans for the project, it took a halt last year when I lost a lot of interest in DAoC as a whole. I just couldn't keep funneling my time (I'm a father of 3 with a demanding job, etc) into a project that I would no longer use, and was not financially sustainable.

Unfortunately, I was unable to come to an agreement with Broadsword about the future of this project. We talked a bit, and though I felt I was very reasonable, Broadsword decided that it was best to walk away and pursue an in-house solution. I hope that it is something they are able to deliver for you in the future, and wish we could've worked something out.

At this time, I would encourage all of you to begin working on migrating your templates into another solution. Unfortunately, I won't be able to assist with that, so I'm extending the shut down date by a month to give you all adequate time.

I hope, through it all, that I built you all something you found useful and enjoyed using. Good luck out there! Who knows, if this game picks back up one day and/or I start playing again, I might get the energy to work on the project again, though I find that exceedingly unlikely.


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