vamp magic resist

how much do they need ? 178(-291) gg, claw me almost double what I pbaoe for since so much magic resist lol



  • thank you broadsword
  • Purple Magic Resist on vamps gives what... 44 to secondary resists for... 45 seconds or a minute?

    It's pretty nasty to pop it against casters.
  • +44 from dem buff, aom5 +38 1st tier magic resist
  • vamps get retarded self buffs at no cost compared to the way worse self buffs that savages get at great cost.
    Vicomtessa Muylasav, wildly swinging arms around. Vicomte Muylock, calling curses on enemies. Lord Muylaetrix, calling upon winter storms. some other chars with names starting with Muyl.
  • Yup , i dont play my savage anymore , the crazy life cost ~ 20-30% each time you use selfbuffs are way too mutch for the low spell duration .
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