Returning players LF Guild / Want to ramp up so I can enjoy the game


I just created a new account to experience DAoC for the 3rd time.
1st time when i was 14 for about a year,
2nd when i was around 21 for about another year,
And now i'm 32, i'm back and everything just feels so archaic... maybe I just got old. :(

Anyways, I also brought a friend who has never played before. I have been telling about this game for abut 15 years and he has finally decided to come try it out. Problem is its been a struggle to ramp up, we tried following some tips and suggestions from forums online and ended up on a wild goose chase for kill tasks that we were never able to find.

I don't have very high expectations. I think we just need to integrate into the active community and have a channel we can talk to players in, ask questions, feel like we have some kind of direction in where to go or what to do.

Here are a few points we struggled with:
- Where to EXP,
- Do people even make/join EXP parties? or just solo/duo to 50?
- Gearing up?
- Did we just pick a dead server? (Ywain4 (was recommended))
- we ran around for 2 nights and didn't encounter more than a couple of other players, Global chats are extremely quiet, No one responds in Mularn Protectors... are there active guilds for new/returning players?

We'd love if someone could take a min to give a quick onboarding, or invite us to a fun, friendly, active guild :)



  • WB, to address your questions.

    1) Best place to XP is the battlegrounds, do the 3 quests in each of them to get decent xp and bounty points too.

    2) EXP parties are long gone, its so fast now in the BG's that its easy to solo those Q oryou do get some groups sometimes in there.

    3) All servers are the same Ywain 1-10 are just really for housing now all classic, capital, pve and rvr areas are all on the same server.

    4) There is still quite a bit of /reg chat in the frontiers, /advice can still be useful when used. Starter guilds like MP are virtually dead but there are still a lot of starter guilds that recruit, (i play hib so not sure of mid guilds) but i think there is nevermore and barons of brutality that still seek new members and are fairly active.

    Lots has changed since you played so you just need to get to speed with the new quest lines such as otherworldly and curse and the new bountypoint crafting system. Get to 50 as mentioned above and come RVR, there is a new free to play strand coming from broadsword that may bring lots of new and returning players but only if it is not a separate server (the rumour drums are banging).
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  • @Catdogchicken Thank you so much for that quick and informative response. I did find the Discord server right after I posted so hopefully that will expedite finding an active guild. :)

    Thanks again :)
  • Nevermore is a very active guild on Mid and will always accept new/returning players. Most members have the ability to invite to the guild. Can whisper anybody.
  • Welcome back!

    The time of day you play will impact where you encounter other players. Population drops after US prime (22:00 EST) and picks up again around EU prime (12:00 EST). RvR is most active during the prime hours, both Battlegrounds and New Frontiers. You may find more people leveling "alts" in the Battlegrounds during off hours from my experience.

    In addition to the Battlegrounds, there are quests in the classic towns from lvl 10 - 35 that offer a safe way to acquire EXP and gear. You can also do kill tasks in the classic dungeons for EXP and obtain gear through drops which are decent up to lvl ~45. The former is comparable to leveling in the Battlegrounds, but I am unsure how the latter compares. Once you hit lvl 30, you can do quests in Atlantis starting in Oceanus Hesperos which offer EXP and Glass (an alternative currency for purchasing Artifacts and Master Levels).

    The following link is a good guide once you hit lvl 50:

    Happy hunting!
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  • @Beetleguisse Thanks for the advice. I did do a bit of questing (took me a while to realize that the red dots on my map were objectives). That worked for a bit, then I started outleveling all the quests i picked up and they weren't worth much anymore. I did remember from back in the day that BGs were great for exping low-man so by the end of the night we went and try it out and it ended up being really good.

    Question, Is the free gear at every 5 levels still a thing? Is it worth it?

    @Calconious I will search Nevermore out when i'm online. Thanks!
  • Yes, you can get your gear at king every 5 levels. Good for leveling up. I sent you a private message about our guild and hope I answered all your questions that you need help with. Welcome back to the game and hope to see you and your friend on the battlefield
  • If Hib, Federation of Hibernia, great helpful folks. Mid, Elitist Jerx, really cool also!! Alb, not sure, someone from Albion would have to comment here. Amp? You there?
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    Welcome back. FoH on Hib and Nevermore on Mid are helpful guilds. Don't know about alb, prolly whitch ever guild Rescu is in.
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  • Keltorius wrote: »
    If Hib, Federation of Hibernia, great helpful folks. Mid, Elitist Jerx, really cool also!! Alb, not sure, someone from Albion would have to comment here. Amp? You there?

    Hmm, yeah Albion is kind of difficult. My best recommendation would be Guardian Council alliance, Baby's really cool and very helpful but there have been a lot of childish dick heads on Albion recently so she's been dealing with a lot of unnecessary grief.

    Chalice of Nevermore is the Alb version I believe of the Midgard Nevermore so that may be another Alb option although I don't know how active they are.

    Upon a Pale Horse is a relatively new Albion guild as well and they may still be open to new members.
  • Echoing what has been said. All of the Nevermore guilds are good. The nice thing about them is that it is easy to build characters on all three realms. From Jenini's note it looks like you might be playing Mid. Elitist Jerx are quite active and fun. They have a wicked sense of humor and are very supportive. Hope you have found a home and are enjoying the game :)
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  • Thank you everyone for the helpful info and warm welcome :)

    @Siambra Elitist Jerx have reached out to me and i've been meaning to give it a try but have just been busy. However, My friend and I were able to make it to lvl 20 in Battlegrounds in one night and completely geared up in BP gear from them so i'm not feeling like a gimp nub as much. Also got ganked by some Albs in Killaloa but managed to get away :D Thidranki is next and i'm a SB... so exciting!

    Is Thid still a popular BG?
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    ^^ no its not. Molvik best for rvr, 35-39 bg
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