Addition of items to BountyCraft

Are there plans to add additional "categories" to Bounty crafting?

I can think of a couple...

"Summoners Hall"

Just to name a few.


  • Definitely doppel maces
  • Technically you still can get doppel maces with bp's. You just need to buy the doppelganger shards with your bp's.
  • But could end up costing way more than other items depending on luck. Unless they get rid of useless junk shard items
  • Couple also add


    Making all the items craftable that were available via shards, and a few that were not, I'm looking at you toporific legs!
  • Very true @BurkleyRIP, was just pointing out that are still technically obtainable with bp's. I am sitting on about 3-4 doppel arcane weapon shards with 2 of the three but I refuse to buy shards with bp's knowing that my chances of getting 3/3 is very slim and those bp's do much better to make me money by getting cursed or frozen recipes.
  • Yeah the dopple shards are bp items. I got 3 maces just this week.
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