RoG Rings, what did you guys get ?

heres some of the bleh 1's i got if anyone needs 1 let me know i need monies !


anyone get any cool ones ?


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    I didn't have a whole lot of time to Go through them yet. Mainly just collected items for now. I'll sort though them later.

    I did check out at few on Hib, I got a couple 18+% heal bonus ones, I didn't get anything over 14% last year.

    I did sell a few last year. made roughly 300 plat on em per realm.

    To bad searching via the existing explorer is so limited. More options would help.

    I personally don't like using rogs in temps, cause if you use a rog, it's not really a template then is it.
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  • like the song says 5 bogus rings.. didnt even bother looking at em.
  • I don't use em either, and ive had 3 years of total crap rings, but its still the most fun in daoc I have !

    very exciting to get to see what you got ! lol

    they should make a npc in game that sells rog rings, for some currency or something, so every few days you can go get 1 from the merchant and see what ya get

    or sell rog rings like 25 cents 50 cents or 1$ even perhaps in the mithil shop, and let people go blow like 20 bux on rings and getting all crap lol, or maybe be awesome ! ^^
  • You can get rog rings by turning in reforming energies in ToA.
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  • 18 crush, 15 trust, 15 heat, +15 dex-cap, not bad at all. The rest of the rings was crap.
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