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I dont know what all BS is gonna do for the f2p aspect of the dont want to give them too much or else they wont ever sub, but if you take too much away then it would be free SWTOR all over again (before they fixed the f2p) I am only interested in the teaching new players aspect...and the advertisement aspect but I think if a new person gets to lvl50 quickly at rr1L1 who dont even know what gear is good and dont know what a RP even is...they would not only get owned but get humiliatingly owned, so i suggest a F2P server with lvl50 and RR3 maybe RR4 as cap, no housing (maybe put in quest xp with no xp reward that will explain how housing works) IF/When they want to sub they can go to ywain (maybe even charcopy) and by the time they get to NF they would have some idea on what they are doing...who is down for that?
  1. Do you like the New F2P server idea?16 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Kinda, Maybe if we change/add a few things


  • The idea is to get the population to increase. Adding another server will remove people from the Ywain server. Just look at BGs, There are people at are temped and only play in there. It would be the same thing.

    They just need to cap their RR to maybe 5.
  • F2P Wont bring in new players (Very few % really), UNLESS BS advertises it, which I'm guessing will not happen. What will happen is old veterans who want to return for nostalgic reasons and then get back and see, ok, I can't do this anymore unless I sub, may do so for 1 maybe 2 months and then go back offline. This is great for Bot accounts who just sit and buff people.
  • agreed Maji, unless they put serious money into advertising its not gonna do anything. Be that as it may, they are coming out with it regardless so why not try to make it the best as it could be, the whole point of a seperate server is so we cant missuse the f2p for bots, you could play there if wanted but it would be a totally new server. I agree that we are trying to increase the population but a f2p only server would not hinder what we have already, it would remove alot of farmers who farm for 2 weeks and then make a new account, so the economy would dramatically increase. Properly teach people how the game is besides having to really fail and learn type of style
  • Maji is right, have to advertise or you will get nowhere. Set max level at 50, max rr at 4L9. No R5 ability unless you sub. Give access to guild houses but no personal houses. Max 3 characters per realm on the account. Cap champion level at 5, you can have the champ weapon but no access to higher mounts or cl15 weapons. The mount thing is actually important, lots of people like the bling. I use to have a guildy who would freak out and not group with me if all my dye didn't match.
  • Make sure they can join a guild, don't limit that. Meeting a group of people they like and want to game with is the biggest hook to keep them and get them to sub.
  • I am not sure how to do it, but would rather see the current servers F2P. Keep the population on 1 cluster.
  • Nepenthe wrote: »
    I am not sure how to do it, but would rather see the current servers F2P. Keep the population on 1 cluster.

    then you get no money to BS to pay wages and server upkeep, either it would be pay $15 per piece of armor and item or the game would just die then
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