Solo spots - caster problems

lately I log my ice wiz and go get 4 solo kills on 1 run without dieing no problem, but then it takes me like 10 runs to get 1 at the solo spot for quest, and theres never anyone at mazes

solo spot is super non caster friendly, only need like 2 steps to LoS range anywhere at the spots and they just run in circles

being able to get 4 solo kills a run everyday and take like 10 to get 1 at solo spot cuz so eays to los, is getting lame

make solo spots more caster friendly +1


  • I agree, I got four solo kills in around 30 mins last night than spent an hour or so roaming mazes hoping to get the last one when action was going on all around me.

    Solo zone is rough on a caster, especially at low rank.
  • perhaps an easy fix could be adding the island to the solo kill area credit spots, or perhaps putting something at the mazes worth going to, like a slow/random spawning mob that gives good loot or chance at good loot or something so people always out there checking
  • Honestly these places ideally would not be gigantic hills filled with LoS breakers. It's too much.

    It isn't that casters can't fight here, moreso that the geometry is so stacked against you why would you ever want to?
  • I agree on my sorcerer I try to get a kill at maze but not always someone around mazes
  • They all have too much LoS break but Trelle is the worst for this. Moy and Folley aren't bad at places but as a ranger (semi caster) I can agree with the op here.
  • Best thing about hitting rr12 on sniper? I don't care about solo quests anymore.

    Trying to get the quest would ruin my IRS....most nights, I lost rps trying to complete the quest.

    Stealth zergs are a cancer
  • Solo action was ruined the moment ruined keeps and repeatable box quest was taken away. Mazes used to be littered with 1v1 action, and there was plenty of places BEFORE getting to the maze where casters could make their stand and hunt for solos out in the open and catch them off guard. On top of that, the available LOS would help soloers avoid noob groups trying to kill solos .Now we have these horribly designed duel towns where OP fotm classes come to play, or fgs come to farm.

    Literally had such a good thing going with ruined keeps and mazes and it's been gone for what, almost 2 years now?
  • Being a soloer for the last years I most say that the solo spots have turned soloing into something very boring and stale.

    It’s not that people aren’t solo. It’s how the solo scenary are these days.

    It’s all about port between three locations bow and duel. The mentality of players have turned into something really absurd. I can’t tell how many times daily I get pms from people as I haven’t played by their “rules”. Choosing to solo should come with risks (not knowing if you gonna run into bigger numbers or the need to use the terrain to your advantage etc).

    Remove the requirment for solo kills. Bring back ruined keeps. Make mazes which imo have a nice layout more attractive.

    The solo spots to me aren’t solo at all, it’s just people not being in groups.

    This might be a bit offttopic.
  • kinda reminds me of the lab----duel area, port abuses and peeps playing by their own rules......./
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