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How you think about it? Most times kills are just possible cause of CC, but those ones didn't get any credit for it. If you're not grouped but support others with your ability to CC it simply doesn't count. A Buffshear counts for about 450 Damage, cause of that reason you've got RP's, it's a nearly the same as CC, cause of your assistance it is simply possible to kill someone. Maybe some of you got an opinion about that too?


  • I know we already get RPs for CC upon death of the target. It's just really small. I'd be okay with getting more.
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  • And rp`s for farting pink bubbles?
  • I would love to be able to get rps for roots. There's many times im running a group without a pac healer and i get my single line or aoe root off on the bad guys and the bg or another group gets the kills and nothing. Something would be nice for the work i did by setting up a perfect root. BS give us some rp love...
  • Can I get rps for diseasing too? Base it off how many hps the disease prevented and give me the rps the healing class would have gotten for those heals.
  • Great idea Burkley.. I 2nd that.
  • this sounds like a stupid idea, sorry to be frank, granted you could argue there should be rps removed from healing, you also have to consider heal classes are often less desirable compared to dps classes that get deathblows yada yada

    Also heal rps apply out of group, and gives a reason to heal others you see that are nearby, my vote if any would be remove heal rps than apply any additional rp bonus for "playing the utility of your class"

    RPS for kills/heals are based around damage taken and damage given back, why fix what's not broke?
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  • rps for heals is a good thing. you helped a realmate survive. Rps for cc a bad can just root and run away and hope target dies with no actual engagement in the fight he dies in.
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