Questioning the F2P

So im a long time player who is coming back to game and I keep reading about a F2P model happening in DAoC, could be good, could be bad...thats neither here nor there, what im interested in knowing is the advertisement in behind that change? because all of you are confident that the F2P will bring in more numbers but i dont hear about anything with advertising the F2P model, without the advertising, its just all for talking to people i use to play with and i am always hearing "oh wow that game is still going?" even players who did used to play dont even know its here, so how are you gonna spread the news to a whole new generations? gonna take more then facebook and twitch to get new numbers


  • They probably need to know what it is they are going to do with it before they advertise it.

    More details closer to launch, which it intended to be this fall.
  • Twitch could work if they approached the right people, but you would need a Twitch streamer with a huge following to start streaming the game and keep streaming. That may peak the interest of a couple hundred people. The problem is the pool of people that know this game exists isn't very high when compared to say something like WoW. It's going to be almost impossible to get new players to come in and try it out, when the game is so outdated already. Good news is... the population is so bad right now.. that 500-1000 extra people logging in would make the game feel way more populated!

    I really think they need to do something sooner than later, and the fall may be waiting to long.
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