Speed classes

While I don't necessary agree with every decision regarding the addition of 204% to additional classes, nor the value of the BP gem being faster than hastener, or everyone having a 204% horse...etc

I think we can just get rid of the 178% speed remaining on Theurgist, warden, and runemaster.

What issues would there be if all classes with a group speed spell had 204% ?

(Disclaimer: I am not 100% positive on the values of speed Bard and similar spells or warden and similar spells, I am working from memory)


  • i have thought the same thing. "caster" speed is something that's archaic at this point in the game
  • I disagree, I feel that upgrading "caster" speed to top level speed further reduces the need to have the original speed classes in groups. Perhaps not the bard because of the roles it fills but certainly skalds and minstrels really only have SOS going for them to secure a spot in a group. For minstrels they also have the added bonus of being solo's but healers can take that spot from skalds and there are certainly better dps classes to fill that spot.

    Not to mention that if a group/smallman/duo only have caster speed to rely on as constantly being active, it helps other groups/smallmans/duos catch them should they flee because they have that reduced speed. Mount and SoH speed has it's limitations, once those limitations are exceeded that reduced speed plays a factor in battles.
  • @Sovereign this would mean people don't just use horses to get to keeps though, that would mean people fighting in open field.
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