@yami why so trashi ?

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thought you was cool from the other day, now I walk out of km to see you guys 8v8, clearly don't add, make my way all the way around the outside of the fight, then yall decide to mez me and you try to roll me with your archer but archer vs ice wiz for you is to difficult ? lol

dont be a little punk, if you wanna see whos the true ripper then continue to step to it, dem ice wiz be to scary tho aprarantly^^

what a clown, next time ill make sure to spam interrupts on your trash support from the beginning and allow the random pug alb trashcans to put you down hard ^^
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  • (assume you are running with the 8man on a ranger to pop stealthers, if not then nvm and its even more embarrassing that you are afraid to keep fight an ice wiz after trying to roll them via being a trashcan didn't work, lols)
  • You have quests that give you ridiculous rp for kills, why would they leave you?
  • yami everz is looking for group lol

    ps I hope you don't try to solo on that ranger, you'll have a rude awakening if 1v1ing ice wizards is a ways out of your league ^^
  • got told to deal with the add in the back, figured you had hit but guess not didn't see for myself, once the rest of the group got out of RP range for the kills they were getting I had to go join them and kindly let you live, yw
  • look at that hopzychimp and youll see why hes on a ranger...
  • *wankery intensifies*
  • ah oki sry lol, I was a bit drunk earlier (just woke up now) and was kinda upset I cant even take a break from dieing to 8 stealthers everywhere i go to watch a 8v8 without getting lamed

    anyways I was drunk and bored and figured some gunfire would be funs ! l ol ;p

  • rest assured my friend, the stealther eradication project is underway
  • Kill them all!!!

    (besides one)
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