Killaloe Battlegrounds Event


Spring into Killaloe for a hopping time of fun and fights!
The carnage and mayhem is just what the Dread Harbinger thrives on. Pick up the new Quest from the Commanders at your realm's portal keep to earn your very own killer bunny!

A 200% RP Bonus and 150% BP bonus will be enabled in Killaloe for the duration of the weekend's event.

Dread Harbinger


Killaloe is open to all now until Monday, April 17th.

On Gaheris, the Dread Harbinger has allied with Manannan mac Lir! Defeat the Lord of Ellan Vannin to obtain your own killer bunny!

Bug Fix
  • The respawn on the Albion Curse Chapter 7 encounter on Gaheris has been increased.

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  • Very fun event. Hope this event is up next year, so I get more bunny mounts!
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    Check out the trophy collection on Ywain 1. Mid - Carlingford Hib - Tullamore Alb - Dalton
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