Duel mechanics/PA damage variance

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Just hoping someone can clarify.

My PA damage in a duel is widely all over the place. Anywhere from 350-500 (this is of course using basic DF gear for testing purposes). Is this normal? I thought duel damage on Pend didnt have variance (although i could be remembering incorrectly)? If i PA someone for 500 in a duel, i thought my PA will always be 500? This doesnt seem to be the case.

Also, according to this


If I do my 3 part PA chain (with RS having a 3% reduction in armor), if I PA again before the debuff wears off, my damage jumps massively, from 411 to 788. This damage increase is roughly the same across the board so theres not much variance there. Am I seeing raw max output? Im confused because thats definitely more than a 3% armor reduction. Thats an almost 100% increase in damage.
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