Farming Scales/Glass or other curryncis

How to Farm currenciys?, obviously no currencys droping from Farming Mobs. I did Dragon Scales, killt the Dragon but doesnt drop any scales at all, same for the do i get these stuff?.


  • You don't get it any more. You use bps now. Unfortunately, for dragon items, you'll need to head to housing or find a kind soul to buy an item using their scales for you
  • You can still farm ICE in TG. The rest are gone.
    Da ant family 1801 1802 1805 1808 1809 Da fly family 4501 4502 4503 4509 Da spider family 442 444 445 447
    Da wasp family 1803 Da bee family 4508, Da moth family 4504 Da scorpion family 441
    Check out the trophy collection on Ywain 1. Mid - Carlingford Hib - Tullamore Alb - Dalton
  • Doing the Dragon during the Curse campaign can also get you dragon gear and isn’t that tough :>
  • Thx Guys for answers!!!
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