I Want Opinions on This Issue, Please

Ok, so here is my issue, and it is not my issue alone. I have come across rare occurrences of players using a "bot" account in RvR zones and Battlegrounds, so they can have a tank class with bodyguard on a caster, or having a healer account to cover them.

Personally, this is pretty low and cheap, since you don't actually have to have skill to learn your class, by doing this, but with all the hogwash and lying from the "developers" that use every excuse under the sun to justify their infringement of Copyright Laws to manipulate and control the players of this game, nothing is surprising to me anymore.(and I can graciously, and joyfully provide a link to my YouTube channel, PROVING they are breaking the Law, IF even ONE of them thinks about posting some snide, wise crack remarks)

As such, I have created a poll, and would greatly appreciate the feedback, because there are no explicit rules saying this can't be done, but at the same time it robs from playing in the "Spirit of the Game", by learning your class and developing an effective strategy, like Kattlyrique from Mid is able to do with her Hunter class. She knows her class and how to play correctly, which is why she wins so many solo battles. The only times I typically see her go down is when she gets ganked.
  1. What should be done about players using a Bot account in RvR combat?12 votes
    1. Ban
    2. Allow


  • I have not been active for years, but there is no doubt in my mind that the main problem in this scenario is Bodyguard. The lack of a downside or downtime on this ability is just silly (from a solo player perspective). I always hated its design. I love challenging fights, but there has to be a balance between the usefulness of an ability, and how often you can use it.
  • Just gonna quote you from another thread:

    “…Instead of whining and boohooing about something that can be fixed, maybe try learning how to play the game, like I always get told to do by "developers" and their followers.”
  • As long as they're controlling it and not using third party programs to control 2 characters at once, I don't see a problem.
  • I agree, Audizman. Personally, I think if you are using a bot account and your are paying for the second account, it is your money.

    You want to "win at all costs", that is your choice. The "win at all costs" mentality is what leads "developers" to justify felonies and takes away from the game experience.

    It is not for me, and it takes away from the game and is downright disrespectful to players willing to take the time to teat a variety of templates, and learn how to play the game.

    So, no, I don't think it should be allowed. There are other players that do agree with me, as well.

    Since it is kinda a "grey" area, hence the poll.

    Which, right now it has 2 votes for it, and my vote against it.
  • I would agree, BloodOmen, that is a fair analysis to allow it. One of my Hib friends used his bot account for PvE only, but he ran both from either a single PC or two PCs. I'm not really sure, because I never really asked.

    It was fun, because we were both Heroes, so we would throw guard up on each other, and one of us BG on the bot.

    Lurikeens may not have very great HP and physical strength, but their blocking, parry, and evasion rates are unmatched.

    I gotta check the base stats on a Saracen, as I think they have a similar base stat level. Kobolds, I believe have a little bit higher strength, at the sacrifice of Dex and Quick
  • How cute, Enkertins, you are quoting me from a oage about nerfing RP bonuses on players that group up as all Stealth, because the player doesn't want to grouo with stealth in his own party.

    Next time you want to try and attack me, because I am actively pointing out the faults of the player, because it goes against the way the "developers" think the game should be played, maybe try bringing my entire comment to the table, instead of "cherry picking" what you think you can use to try and insult me, ok?

    Do you need a pair of "Knee Pads of Swiifi", by chance? (Check my Google Drive files for the "Charged Magical Ability" that comes on them, and they are "Studded Leather/Reinforced Leather, hint, hint......:D )
  • I voted ban.
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  • And that is fine. I did too, because to me, it opens a "can of worms" for cheating, and we already have enough of THAT going on in the game. It is getting a little better, now that certain Skalds are on a 14-day "vacation", but there is still work to be done.
  • They should ban you for your paragraph long disruptions in /region. Putting you on ignore doesn't solve anything when there's at least 10 people arguing with you.
  • They would /ignore me, if they weren't too busy using my callouts in region chats, to x-realm spy on me through the Discord channels I am kicked out of for proving that the "developers" are guilty of Copyright Infringement

    Any other smart aleck comments from "the peanut gallery"?
  • I actually kind of agree with you for once on this one.
    Not a fan of botting in rvr.
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    Do you need a pair of "Knee Pads of Swiifi", by chance? (Check my Google Drive files for the "Charged Magical Ability" that comes on them, and they are "Studded Leather/Reinforced Leather, hint, hint......:D )

    Idk man, can I borrow yours? Looked like you had some on when you died to a melee cleric. then a doppelgänger.
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  • well im an old player from days looong past. 1 accnt per ip per realm.
  • I agree. I am not one to see a point in needing multiple accounts.

    I agree, the real issue is "Bodyguard". I think there is one ability, that some shield classes may be able to use to get around it, if I get the rare case of one of these ayers in RvR again

    I have an actual informational video, I haven't uploaded yet, because the one I am currently uploading was a little more important
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